6 Ways to Teach Empathy to Children


Admittedly, this is not something I was good at myself — empathy Up until a few years ago, I was quite ignorant and didn’t think it was all that important. Then I realized empathy makes the word go round, and a trait many lack, especially us men. The ability to understand the feelings of others …

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How to Build a Sales Funnel for FREE


Imagine having your own sales force, working for you around the clock — 24/7/365. This “mini army” of sales assassins, can communicate with the most qualified people about your product or service. Here’s the kicker, this team of assassins… Will never call in sick Will not ask to take a vacation Will never show up …

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4 Side Hustles for Dads to Earn $100 a Day

side hustles to earn $100 a day

It was October of 2010, and I remember it quite well. I purchased my first busienss domain (www.amdwebservices.com), and I was “in business”. AMD are my initials, so creativity wasn’t a strong point back then ? Zero business courses taken in school. Not knowing a damn thing about business. But I was on a mission …

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7 Daily Habits for Healthy Dads

It was late 2014. After 6+ months of my buddy telling me about a book, I finally ordered myself a copy. At the time, I had no idea how the book would transform my life. The book I am talking about is called The Miracle Morning.  The author, Hal Elrod, outlines 6 habits that he does …

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How This Dadpreneur Earns $500/Day on YouTube

Make money on Youtube

This is a guy I have been following for the last couple years. I stumbled upon his YouTube channel in late 2017, I believe. His name is Jason Wardop, and he owns a multi-million dollar software company. He has roughly 10 employees, who all work remotely. Some here on the states, and some overseas. Several years ago, …

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