A Love Child Was Born...

You’re suddenly handed a fragile, tiny version of yourself that’s totally reliant on you for love, care, mashed banana, and poop-free diapers. Then – you have to raise that small person into an actual adult!

Since I became a dad, I’ve been ruthlessly committed to bettering myself in the four pillars of life – Mind, Health, Relationships, and Wealth – all while trying to ace my parental responsibilities. 

Now, I want to help other Dads in these areas, too. “Being a Dad” and “Personal Development” are my two obsessions in life, so I want to empower, inspire, and motivate dads like you to live your best life. 

 Total Dads is here to remind you that: Hey, you’re awesome. 

It gives you the tools you need to continue being The World’s Greatest Dad. It’s a hub of vital resources (a dad blog, videos, online training) and a place to buy awesome dad apparel (funny slogan shirts, because what’s life without dad jokes?). 

There’s also a Facebook group where dads everywhere can unite in one confused, terrified, but-relax-man-I-got-your-back community. There, you’ll find support, guidance, and advice. You can vent, scream, or cry and no-one will judge (unlike your relatives at the Thanksgiving dinner table).

In addition, Total Dads offers an industry-rattling 110% money-back guarantee on all dad shirts. 

So you can at least shop with confidence, even if potty training your kid leaves you absolutely terrified.   

-Adam Dukes