steps to start an online business

5 Steps to Start an Online Business

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This was a video I wish I had watched in October 2010, when I started my online entrepreneurial career.

It would have saved a metric ton of time, money, frustration and frequent trips to the liquor store.

Live and learn, I suppose.

This is a framework I came up with a few short years ago.

It models Dan Kennedy‘s popular Magnetic Marketing formula, however, I feel Mr. Kennedy forgot a few key points.

Magnetic Marketing was a program he put out in the early 2000s, I believe.

It revolved around the 3 Ms: Market, Message & Media.

These are timeless principles that works 50+ years ago, and will work for 50+ years.

These are not tactics or quick hacks.

They may not appear sexy, or ninja, but they are the foundation for marketing any busienss effectively, and profitably.

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Obviously, his was geared towards marketing, and my framework is for starting an online business.

Since I am an alliteration aficionados, I added two more Ms into the mix, which I refer to as my M5 framework.

Similar to the sports car from BMW, and cannot confirm (nor deny) they copied me 😀

The list of Ms, are in order of importance, which are:

  • Mindset — The foundation for everything.
  • Model — Which business model are you planning on pursuing? In the online world, there seems to be hundreds of models.
  • Market — Who is your ideal customer/client?
  • Message – What are you going to share with them?
  • Media — Where should you share this message?

This was a video I re-recorded last weekend, and is basically a mini training.

This used to be part of a paid program of mine, but decided to share with the YouTube world.

I answer the 5 above questions, and go deeper into each topic.

This is a video I wish I had watched years ago.

My goal is to save you from going through the rough days weeks months I went through on my journey.

Without a doubt, mindset is the most important part of the M5 puzzle. 

Something I didn’t quite learn until around 2015 how crucial it was.

Don’t wait 5 years like I did, and get working on it now.

In the video below, I share some of my daily non-negoitables that quiets the self doubt, my insecurities and the battle with imposter syndrome.

Not eliminate, but silence. 

Those things will always be there, however, over the last several years, I’ve been able to manage them much better.

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