YouTube Tips To Grow Your Channel

4 “Shockingly Simple” YouTube Tips to Grow Your Channel

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I’ve been on the YouTubes for 9 years.

I created my channel on April 13, 2010:

This is a screenshot from the website Social Blade.

After 300+ videos, I have learned a thing or 72.

So I decided to start a YouTube tips for beginners series where I share 4 tips each video.

This video series doesn’t have a length, just tips I am learning along the way as I become an entertaining, charismatic YouTuber.

Here are Four YouTube Tips to Help Grow Your Channel

Pick a Niche

This is something you have to do in any business, so this should not come as a surprise when creating YouTube videos.

People don’t want a video of you fishing with your buddies, mixed in with rants about what Trump tweeted, followed by a video of your great grandma falling asleep at the Thanksgiving table followed by your opinion of The Montreal Screwjob.

For you diehard WWF fans, I think Brett Hart knew about it, too.


The goal with my channel is to be an online resource for Dadpreneurs. A channel to guide, teach, inspire, motivate and help them learn from my mountain of mistakes over the last nine years.

You want to focus on a specific topic and/or a specific group of people (target market) who you want to serve.

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Have a Strategy

This I learned the long, hard way.

Admittedly, I have never really had a strategy in place.

It’s been rather schizophrenia.

In 2013, I interviewed local Las Vegas businesses for a show I called Sin City Spotlight. 

It was a fun project, but extremely time consuming — driving across town, filming them, piecing it all together, etc.

It was not a “revenue generating” activity.

In 2015, I had success with Shopify. I started sharing what was working for me.

There was no strategy in place, just kind of filming videos when I felt like it.

Sustainable Schedule 

In July of 2018, I watched a video from Jason Wardrop, a fellow Dadpreneur I interviewed about how he’s set to earn $300,000+  from YouTube this year. You can check out that interview here:

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Jason recommend a “100 video in 100 day” challenge.

A challenge, I gladly accepted.

I started the challenge on July 29, 2018.

In mid-October of last year, I had hit a wall. I published 54 or so videos, and I hit a wall.

In July of this year, I told myself I am going to get back to creating videos again consistently. This time, with a more sustainable video production schedule. Since then, I have published two videos each week, and don’t plan on giving up anytime soon.

In fact, I feel like I am just warming up.

Publish It

I saved the best (most important tip) for last.

Last Saturday, I attended a YouTube Influncers meet up hosted by Sean Cannell, of Think Media. His channel is nearing one million subscriber, so when he talks, I listen.

When he hosts an event here in Vegas, I shoe up…4 hours early (kidding!)

I would guesstimate that about 50 people showed up at the lobby bar (queue Dumb & Dumber) at Red Rock Casino.

The first guy I met, he’s been planning on starting a channel for quite some time.

Has yet to record a single video.

The second guy I met, launched a channel years ago, but hasn’t uploaded any videos in two years — Time & fear were the issues.

Another guy I met, later on in the evening — Zero videos. But plans to start “one day”.

Out of just about all the people I chatted with, I had the biggest channel — with only 600 subscribers!

A stroke of the ego, I ain’t gonna lie.

Many were astonished that I had 330+ videos.

It saddened me.

So many had not taken action.

So many paralyzed by fear.

They’re gonna…one day.

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Sadly, one day will likely never happen.

And that shit sucks!

Life is too shirt to live like that.

After 330+ videos, I still screw up all the time.

At times, I get self conscious with the camera, or what I am talking about.

It wasn’t too long ago that I recorded videos with a hat on, as I have acne scars from when I was a teenager. It’s crippled me damn near my entire adult life. Something I have always been ashamed of. Something I’ve always tried to physically hide.

Something I rarely, ever talk about.

In fact, Amanda is the only one I’ve ever talked with about it.

One day, I said, “Fuck that, I’m not letting that hold me back anymore. It’s held me back long enough”

So I record, edit and hit publish.

Twice a week, since July 1st.

Like clockwork.

People are going to judge, that ain’t my problem




I found a schedule that works for me.

I tried the daily video thing in the summer of 2018, and burned out after about video #54.

This is what is holding back 93.4% of people wanting to get started with YouTube.

Just get out there and record a video.

It’s going to suck.

Record another one.

Which will suck a little less.

Rinse & repeat.

You’ll eventually get ok, then good, then great.

Brick by brick.

Day by day.

More consistency.
More patience.

That be, the recipe for success with YouTube (or anything in life).

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Wrapping It All Up

I filmed a video diving a bit deeper in each of these topics that you can check out below:

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